May 7, 2011

  • The LPNM in May 2011

    New Mexico Liberty for May 2011

    Albuquerque Liberty Forum is a no-host dinner, with discussion of issues important to libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, extropians, and Constitutionalists.

    We’re currently meeting at the Sizzler at 7212 Menaul NE in Albuquerque (two blocks to the east of Louisiana Blvd., on the south side of Menaul), from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

    Suggestions for speakers are welcome. Speakers will have 30 minutes to make their case, then should be open to questions from the audience. Audience members are requested to ask questions of the speaker as opposed to making statements. All speakers will be considered to have consented to being recorded, including but not limited to audio or video devices, for posting to the internet (YouTube, etc.).

    ABQ Campaign for Liberty





    New Mexico Liberty

    Agenda for this event

    1. Round-robin introductions (if needed)
    2. State of the Party speech by LPNM State Chair Mike Blessing
    3. Notices about upcoming events
    4. Getting Started as an Activist

    After-event review

    What went well

    1. We stuck to the posted agenda fairly well – we didn’t get sidetracked much at all.
    2. We had a few new faces at this event – total attendance was twelve, which is double last month’s number.

    What needs improving

    The venue’s management seated us in the separate room after another group had previously reserved that same room for every Thursday. So at 7:00 PM, we had to move from that room to the main dining room, where we had to raise our voices to be heard over the piano.


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